September 26th
Trosa-Gnesta Working dog club
Mentality test


our second (or actually our third) mentality test in september.
This time it was Ellington's and Anatoly's turn.

First out Argenta's Mini Anatoly "Tolle" and his owner Matilda

No problem to follow Jenny the test leader
Moment: greating good points - 4/3/3

Iit was no problem for Tolle to play

Moment: Playing - 4/4/4 also here very good points

The small prey not interesting at all.

Activity - 3 points, that means observant, calm and steady.

Tolle and the "big prey"

Tolle left Matilda and run out to the prey....

and he started to play!
points 2/1/2/3/3

and then he met "Dumpe" during the walk.
Tolle stops without taking the eyes from the threat.

Rattle - high noice
Tolle stops without taking the eyes from were the sound came from.

In the end of the walk Tolle met the ghosts.

In the end of the test Tolle had to play again so that the judge could see if all the threats in the
wood had been to much. If Tolle still wanted to play. At the same time there were shooting in the background.
As you can see there were no problem to play.

the points were 3/4 that means very good.

shooting 3, well done Tolle and Matilda.

Our last dog at the test were young Argenta's Ellington "Buster"

Buster with his owner Anna

Buster is very social

and playful

he thought it was fun to run after the small prey
4/2 as the best

activity 4 points

he also run out to the big prey

into the nest

and he found a new playmate...

Dumpe the threat

not a big problem

the rattle was no problem, he checked the threat by himself

but ghosts in the wood - not fun at all

the whole family had to help Buster

but despite the ghosts Buster had good points on shooting 2

We got the results for Argenta's Mini Antonov, he did the test on Sala BK
He also had a great day with wonderful results.

Kontakt 4/4/3
Lek 5/4/4
Lilla bytet- förföljande 4/2
Aktivitet 3
Stora bytet - avståndslek 2/1/1/1
Dumpe - överraskning 3/1/3/2/2
Ljudkänslighet 3/3/1/1
Spöken 3/3/4/3/4
Leklust 4/4
Skott 2

Toppen Margareta, jättefina resultat.