RallyObedience in Svezia

In Sweden we have four classes in rallyobedience. You begin competing in novice class, then graduate, advanced and masterclass. You start every competition from a maximum of 100 points, regardless of class, then the judge who watch you and your dogs way along the course gives deductions of 1, 3, 5, or 10 points depending on what mistakes you or your dog makes.
In novice class the dog is on a lead all the time, but in the following classes you have to put the lead away before entering the course. In novice class there are 30 different signs with different features that you are supposed to get the dog to perform properly, and every judge compose his own course with 12-15 of these signs.
In graduate class the course consist of 13-17 signs, and the judge can choose from any of the signs from novice class and the 18 that are new for this class.
The course consist of more and more signs for every new class, in masterclass there are up to 20 different signs on the course. There are about 10-15 new features that the dog has to be able to perform in both advanced and in masterclass. In the two highest classes the dog should be able to perform all features from lower classes and those who are new for each class on both your left and right side.
Results over 70 points are qualifying (as long as you're not disqualified), and you need three qualifying results to be allowed to compete in the next class. The dog are also qualified to compete in a higher class if he can make a clear round without any withdrawals of points from the maximum 100.
The titles of rallyobedience are RLD N (after three qualifying results in novice class), RLD F (three qualifying results in graduate class, RLD A (three qualifying results in advanced class) and, finally, RLD M (three qualifying results in masterclass).

Maria Axelsson,
proprietaria di Argenta's Giovanni, figlio di Capitano mio capitano d'Utrillo e di Argenta's Zaffron