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Alessandro Midulla has long expressed his passion for Schnauzers through his art. Not by chance most of his works were undertaken during the time when he was without a Schnauzer and waiting for dog (1985-88). It was a way to make his desires become material.

Alessandro taught Italian and history in a high school outside of Torino, but has always liked and even found it necessary to express his enthusiasm for the Schnauzer breeds through their image by using pencil or paintbrushes, ink or clay, camera or computer in order to realize poster, murals, strips and little statues.

His works include contributions to The Schnauzer Club Italiano's magazine with drawings and comic strips and as illustrator for the book "In Compagnia dello Schnauzer" by Maria Bergamini Vestuti, Ed. Olimpia - Firenze, 1993 edition.

Last works:
Logo of Working Schanuzers Committee
2006. Logo of Club Italiano Schnauzer & Pinscher 
2007. Logo of  World Championships FCI-IPO - Turin 6-9/9/'07          
Bronze statue . Prize for BOB standard schnauzer PS ISPU Show Czech Rep. 22-23/9/'07
Logo for ISPU Champioship 2013, Venturina - Italy 2013

Born in 1950, he has matched art with social-politic care, sharing Piero Gilardi and Pietro Perotti’s ideas, during seventies and eighties, with whom he cohoperated. He was the cartoonist of enquiry magazine “La pagina. Dentro i fatti del saluzzese” (“The page. Inside the facts of Saluzzo). He never exhibited, but his thought on art, carried him to create aesthetic-political-social actions involving actively the pubblic. In 2000, he created the idea of “Artisti al muro” (“Artists at wall”) with Spazioarte (Artspace): posters inspired from antifascism values, produced by artists and affixed in advertisement spaces of some town near Cuneo. In 2007 he founded “Arti vaganti” (“Wondering arts”) Project with Paolo Viano, Lorenzo Griotti and Ugo Giletta (
(from book of 
BIENNALE INTERNAZIONALE ARTE PLURALE “International biennial Arte Plurale (plural art)” A contemporary art project – with relational character – in educational context. - Torino from 12th to 21th november 2009 - Promotrice delle Belle Arti Palace, Sala Colonne, Faculty of Architecture, Valentino Castle, Medieval Village, Valentino Park

Biography and works in "GrandArte 2013"